Downtown / Short North / German Village Real Estate

    Short North is an urban community in the heart of downtown Columbus.  This art district has many attractions each year including Community Festival, Doo-Dah Parade, as well as everyday activities like Cycle Tavern Columbus.  If you are looking for an art gallery there are 16 to choose from.  The local shopping, boutiques and dining are within walking distance of all available housing.  Goodale Park is another attraction if you are looking for a place to throw a Frisbee with your dog or to enjoy the weather.

    Quick Facts:

    Founded: 1980
    Average Home Sale Price :  $236,691 (average of 4 types of housing units)
    Population: est. 1,629
    Average Family Income:  $55,004

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    German Village

    German Village is an urban city just south of downtown Columbus. This historic city is 233 acres where homes and business are close to the sidewalk on narrow brick roads. Schiller Park is the heart of this community providing the platform for free Shakespeare performances. With Independent shops and restaurants within walking distance of most living spaces, German Village is a great place for taking a stroll.


    Quick Facts:

    Founded: 1814

    Average Home Sale Price : $352,400 

    Population: est. 3,635

    Average Family Income:  $56,238


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    City of German Village:

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    German Village’s Mission is…

    – Educating local and state government leaders to value, protect and enhance our community.

    – Supporting the historical character of our properties.

    – Providing a Visitor Center to welcome and educate visitors.

    – Providing a Meeting Haus for gathering and celebrating.

    – Partnering with other organizations to enhance our parks and the presence of the arts in our community.

    – Encouraging volunteerism and supporting social events that weave the community together, that introduce new friends and that help make the Village a vibrant, engaged community.