Bexley Real Estate

    Bexley is an established “city within the city”, just 3.4 miles east of downtown Columbus.  Known for historic and close-knit neighborhoods, tree lined streets, sidewalks, stately homes & walkable schools.  The 5,000 single family homes in the 2.5 square miles of the city range from quaint starter homes to vast turn of the century multimillion dollar estates.  Amenities include access to top notch education, a notable public library, multiple family owned restaurants, community programs for all ages, community pool & multiple local parks.   Bexley is a member of the Arboretum and has the beautiful Jeffery Mansion over 40 acres of land.  This city also is home of two private schools as well as Capital University.  If you want to know more about this fantastic community, contact The Columbus Home Team today!

    Quick Facts:

    Founded: 1906
    Average Home Sale Price (2014): $357,863
    Population: est. 13,445
    Average Family Income:  $94,549

    Community Links: 

    City of Bexley:
    Parks & Recs:

    Bexley’s Mission is…

    to provide outstanding city services, support, planning, and communication to the residents, businesses, and organizations of Bexley in order to: 

    • Ensure safe homes and safe neighborhoods
    • Provide reliable and wellmaintained infrastructure and city utilities
    • Offer engaging, meaningful, and relevant recreational opportunities
    • Cultivate an environment conducive to the success of businesses and educational institutions, and Protect, preserve, and enhance Bexley’s natural and developed environment.